About CCC


The Career Counseling Centre is established in GC Women University Sialkot on June 27, 2016 under the funding of Punjab Higher Education Commission, Lahore. The Punjab Higher Education Commission has released the amount of Rs. 4.0 million dated June 13, 2016 vide Cheque no. 619793.

The purpose of this center has become quite holistic in the sense that they extend various training courses and student services ranging from psychological help to curriculum writing to preparation of business presentations on multimedia. This is very much good initiative of Punjab Higher Education Commission. The GC Women University, Sialkot is newly established university and it shows there is a dire need for the establishment of student counseling center. The role of career counseling and development is very essential now to instill better sense of selection of profession and path in students. Furthermore, this center can also be aligned with the objective to generate employability and marketable skills in students. For this purpose, the Punjab Higher Education Commission aims to establish the Career Counseling Centers (CCC) in public sector universities of the Punjab with a standardized criterion and clear role at institution level.

The GC Women University has conducted two orientation seminars during the admissions of Intermediate, BS, MA/MSc, MS and Ph.D to create awareness for the students and parents as per following:

i. Orientation Campaign for admission of intermediate (July 27 & 28, 2016)
ii. Orientation Campaign for admission in BS, MA/MSc, MS and Ph.D (September 20 & 22, 2016)


The Career Center inspires and supports students to transition confidently beyond the GC Women University by creating a dynamic space to gain clarity through their process of self-discovery. The GC Women University, Sialkot Career Counseling Center supports the university’s commitment to provide high quality education to its students. The Center teaches undergraduate and graduate students how to develop educational and career goals, decision-making skills and job search strategies required to manage their professional and academic goals. GC Women University accomplish its mission by providing its students with expert advising, leadership in practical education, life planning skills and current information & resources about various opportunities.


Graduates of GC Women University will have clarity of purpose and solid decision-making abilities. The students of the University are very confident, selective and competitive in managing their careers and further academic pursuits.